Gideon my 5 year old rescue Border Collie had issues towards other dogs.  He used to attack them, but in himself he is a good, placid dog towards other people, children and in the home.

I used to have to walk Gideon with muzzle on and a yellow jacket on which said ‘I need space’ to alert other dog walkers to stay away from me.

A lady who runs Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue recommended Steve to me, saying he was brilliant.  I really did not know where to turn, so decided to give it a go.

Gideon’s life has changed so much since we started seeing Steve, he does not need his yellow jacket and can walk on or off the lead without his muzzle.  He still has a tendency to go for some small dogs and dogs on leads, now and again but he is still seeing Steve to finally sort this last little glitch out.  The problem here will be with me mainly and not Gideon, as it is not only just the dog that needs training, it is the owner too.  Steve says how you are feeling travels down the lead to the dog i.e. stressed, nervous and this is so very true.  As I have become more confident in Gideon, he has become more confident in me and has become more relaxed when he is out.

When Gideon is with Steve, some sort of magic comes over him and he is just perfect – Steve as I told him is like a dog whisperer and if I could bottle what he has I would be a millionaire.  You really need to see it to believe it.  His relationship with animals is amazing, they really do love him and really trust him, you can see it in their eyes.

When I got Gideon, I could not take him over Oakwell when the Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue had their dog events as Gideon would try and attack every dog he saw, but this year I took him and he was just amazing, I was and am so proud of him, out of all the hundreds of dogs that were there, he only got upset a handful of times, which believe me for the way Gideon was it is just unbelievable.  It is all down to Steve, every single last bit of it, his hard work has paid off and is still paying off.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve to anyone who has a problem with their dog.

- Karen - Birstall

Steve Hoyle has worked what I can only describe as a small miracle with my 3 year old Boxer Bitch!  She had a few issues that were causing me problems and could have resulted in my having to greatly limit where and how we went on our outings.  Namely, she was over friendly with people (jumping up to kiss them on the face in excitement), pulled on the lead to such an extent that arm ache was a constant, and finally quite aggressive with other dogs (attack is the best defence…)

Within 30 minutes of our first session, Steve had her obeying his every command with just a signal and a sound.  I was astounded!

I would recommend a follow-up and reinforcement course of sessions, but now with a few simple tools I am walking out with my “Lady” off and on the lead confident that she will obey my signals.  She is still a Boxer and still longs to kiss people, but will not jump up and is far more relaxed with other dogs (and even horses and sheep which Steve also introduced her to!!).  It is a virtuous circle – my own increased confidence is transferred to the dog and we are becoming a team.

Steve has a natural ability and a very calm manner, and teaches both dog and owner how their relationship should work.  His methods have been finely tuned and all I need to do now is continue what he has taught me.  I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone and would shout it from the rooftops if I could get up there!


- Louise

I was recommended Steve by a rescue centre due to having serious problems with my new rescue dog Tess. She was showing extreme fear aggressive behaviours towards other dogs and also strangers which I was unable to handle.  After trying with other trainers and them not being able to help Steve really was our last chance to help my dog and to keep her as part of our family. Steve came out on a home visit and talked me through her behaviours and what he could do to help. Due to her complex needs I decided that she should reside with Steve the following day.
I was given updates about her and her progress whilst she was there and I went back for her two weeks later.
I arrived and was greeted with a dog that looked like my dog but seemed totally different. Happy and relaxed and so excited to see me and also Steve. I was greeted also by the other dogs and my dog wasn’t fazed by these dogs at all. (previously she would attack dogs near her) She seemed to respect the other dogs and Steve. Looking up at him for direction if the other dogs got a little giddy. Steve talked me through how I should direct Tess and taught me how to help her when she felt threatened.

I am now able to walk my dog with no more stress and we have been able to rescue another dog due to Tess’s changed behaviour. We can hold parties and have people round with no worries about how Tess will be with them.
If it wasn’t for Steve and his wonderful work he has done with Tess I’m not sure what would have happened to Tess . I can’t recommend him enough to anyone needing help with their dog.

- Stacey & Tess

I have a very strong willed young Doberman who has been a handful from 8 weeks old, he pulled constantly, and was very reactive to other dogs and horses.
Steve was recommended to me by a friend, she told me that he had done wonders with her dog and I should give him a try.
Previous to Steve I had spent a lot of money on trainers which had made no difference to Oscar at all.  I was amazed at the results achieved after just spending a couple of hours with him.  Oscar walked to heel after about 10 minutes and responded to Steve’s instructions.  He then worked with him on a long lead in a field with his horses to build on his recall and show him how to behave towards them.  I also needed training on how I should be with Oscar!!.  I continued having sessions and had Steve come to my home to assess Oscar in his own territory.  I also have Oscar stay with Steve whenever I am away as I know he is very happy there, he loves the exercise and time with other dogs.  I wouldn’t want to leave him anywhere else.
Thanks to Steve I now have a dog that I can control on and off the lead, he still needs work but he is a totally different dog, Oscar is now a lot calmer, no longer afraid of horses, more responsive and has excellent recall.

- Sally

I was having problems with my dog – a ‘rescue’ male Greek harehound – who kept running away every time I let him off the lead.  He would neither respond to being called nor food, and he would often disappear whilst being walked and arrive back at my house a few hours later.  Over a period of 8 weeks, Steve trained him to return when called.  Steve then showed me how to do the same.  Since then – over 6 months ago – I have had no problems at all.  My dog can now enjoy lovely long walks off the lead.  He is immediately responsive to being called and is under close control.  I would recommend Steve for similar dog training.  He has done an excellent job.  Many thanks Steve!

- Amanda, Dewsbury

The Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue helps rehome lost, abandoned and mistreated dogs. Due to their backgrounds these dogs often show a variety of challenging behaviours which effect their futures which could often result in them being put-to-sleep. With sincere thanks to Steve Hoyle these troubled dogs are helped back onto the right path – his skill and techniques have directly improved and saved the lives of so many of our rescue dogs.

- Susan, YRDR

Over the past 4 years the YRDR has required the skills of Steve Hoyle for over 50 dogs. Steve has worked with such a variety of challenging behaviours which can sometimes be corrected in only an hour. Other, more challenging dogs become resident with Steve for up to a fortnight to ensure that they are safe to rehome. …to be honest we would be lost without him. Thank you Steve.

- Kathy, YRDR