Services and Tariffs

Examples of Dog Behaviour Services

Aggression towards other Dogs, People or Objects

Aggression in a dog can have devastating consequences. We can check the behaviour instantly by recognising what triggers the dogs aggression. We can also equip the owner with words of command to take control of a difficult situation and reduce anxiety.

Residential Training

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful and tranquil setting. A residential placement of the small holding ensures that only Steve works with the dog. Steve is then able to train the dog with no distractions from other people.

The residential placement is typically up to 2 weeks where Steve is able to guarantee a ‘no change, no fee’ policy. Halfway through the process a visit from the owner is offered to show the progress made.

Lead Pulling

Enjoy walking with a calm and contented dog by your side.


This is a common and frustrating problem for many dog owners. Sometimes this does require a residential placement for a dog with habitual behaviour. Gradual increase in space recall encouragement results in excellent results.

I was having problems with my dog – a ‘rescue’ male Greek harehound – who kept running away every time I let him off the lead. My dog can now enjoy lovely long walks off the lead.  He is immediately responsive to being called and is under close control.

- Amanda, Dewsbury

Basic Training

Recall, heel walking and everything to give your dog good manners! Steve will also teach the owner how to use their body language and voice control to communicate effectively with the dog.

Puppy Training – Social Interaction and Basic Training

Steve lives in an enviable location which offers the opportunity to train a puppy around livestock and open spaces. This puppy training sets the dog off on the correct footing and allows the owners to stay calm and enjoy the company their new pet.

Introduction to Farm Animals

Chickens, sheep, cattle and horses all reside at the small holding. There is no better place to introduce a dog to farm animals.

Gun Dog Training

Basic gun dog training in the heart of the countryside. Typically a 2 week residential course enables the learning of basic commands to whistle training and dummy retrieval. Thereafter, weekly sessions showing the owner how to progress can be put into practice.

Guided Countryside Walks

Steve begins the walk at the Woolpack in Whitley every Saturday morning. Often with puppies and young dogs this time can give the opportunity for an informal chat with Steve to iron out behavioural issues. Up to 4 people can enjoy this walk with Steve, which often ends in coffee and lunch at the Woolpack.

Price of Services

Behavioural Tariff

Although behavioural cases are individual and bespoke services are often required, we do have a price tariff.

Many problems are solved with an;

Initial consultation and demonstration in your own home (within a 20 mile radius of the Small Holding). This consultation is then followed by 2 further behavioural sessions working with the dog. Most problems are dealt with in these two sessions.

Initial consultation and first session is £60 on the farm or £80 at the clients home.

Follow up sessions are £40 on the farm and £60 at the clients home.

Residential Tariff

Residential 2 week training including feed. £40 per day which consists of two training sessions per day – ‘no improvement, no fee’ guarantee.

Gundog Training

Residential 3 week course, £200 per week.