Steve Hoyle – Dog Behaviourist

Happy and Responsive Dogs

With over 40 years of experience working with dogs in a variety of rolls, Steve Hoyle clearly has passion to encourage dogs to reach their goals.

For many years Steve worked as an Army Dog Handler with specialist search dogs, primarily Labradors. At home Steve has always had pet and gun dogs.

Although with no formal qualifications Steve has a mass of practical knowledge and often succeeds where other professionals have failed.

Steve now works as a dedicated Canine Behaviourist.

Over recent years Steve has worked closely with the Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue – assisting the successful rehoming of dozens of dogs. These rescue dogs have often had extremely difficult lives and attend Steve with a wide variety of challenging behaviours.

Over the past 4 years the YRDR has required the skills of Steve Hoyle for over 50 dogs. Steve has worked with such a variety of challenging behaviours which can sometimes be corrected in only an hour. Other, more challenging dogs become resident with Steve for up to a fortnight to ensure that they are safe to rehome. …to be honest we would be lost without him. Thank you Steve.

- The Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue

Steve also works with a variety of pet dogs, assisting behavioural changes which result in a calm and well adjusted dog – living in a happier household. Steve uses simple behaviourist methods which vary from short sessions to 2 week residential training for the dogs which require more intensive interventions. When a dog is resident with Steve he is able to offer a ‘no improvement, no fee’ guarantee.

Steve lives on a small holding in the West Yorkshire Hills between Wakefield, Huddersfield and Dewsbury. Alongside the obvious benefits if this beautiful secluded setting Steve is also able to offer training such as the ‘introduction to farm animals’.

Whilst dog behaviourism is Steve’s obvious forte, he also works closely with problem Horses. In fact, Steve is also a National Carriage Driving Champion!!

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